ICT contributes 2% to the country’s GDP ICT contributes 2% to the country’s GDP

In Rwanda, ICT contribution to GDP during the last two quarters stood at 2%, ahead of agriculture and mining exports combined. In terms of foreign direct investments, the ICT sector has worked as a magnet, attracting 45% of the total in-flows which is more than the next 5 sectors combined, including trade, financial sector, mining and manufacturing.

A recent study revealed that ICT contributes 3.7% in advanced economies whereas in Africa, ICT contribution to GDP is at a growing 1.1% on average.
Information and Communication Technology is a central engine to driving Rwanda’s transformation to a knowledge based economy, a fact Rwanda has acknowledged by allocating a budget to ICT - as a percentage of its GDP - that is at par with OECD countries.
Rwanda continues to be one of the fastest growing African countries in ICT and there are several avenues for growth for the ICT sector – from e-commerce and e-services, mobile technologies, applications development and automation to becoming a regional center for the training of top quality ICT professionals and research.
A robust ICT industry can create wealth, jobs and entrepreneurs.

DAY ONE - Thursday, 2nd October 2014

DAY TWO - Friday, 3rd October 2014